-----How can a simple traffic ticket affect me?

Traffic tickets, such as speeding, failure to yield at a stop sign, and failure to
reduce speed to avoid an accident are ways in which local and state
government keeps revenue coming in.  Consider it another tax if you will.  
The police use these charges to springboard themselves into misdemeanor
and felony charges.  For example, the police pull a car over for speeding.  
The driver of the car has an odor of alcohol on his breath.  The police then
begin a DUI (driving under the influence) case.  The speeding give the police
a reason to make contact with the driver.  The same holds true if the officer
views drugs or weapons in the car when he pulls it over.  Simple traffic
tickets lead to bigger crimes.

------I am not committing any crime but simple traffic

The typical simple traffic ticket, even if it does not even get into a court
room, is $75.00.  If you take the $75.00 option, the ticket is reported to the
Illinois Secretary of State as a conviction.  What this means is that simple
ticket is now on your driving record.  Convictions can be used by your
Insurance Company to raise your car insurance rates.  Also, if the ticket was
for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident, then that guilty plea can be
used in Civil Court if the other driver sues you.

------I will take the Traffic Safety School

Traffic Safety School is a 4 to 8 hour class.  If you fail to attend, there is no
refund of the fee and you still get the conviction.  If you attend and receive
another ticket within a certain time frame, you are not eligible for a second
Traffic Safety School and the school you took initially to avoid a conviction
can be vacated, with a conviction to enter.

-------My ticket is marked “Court Appearance Required.”

Pack a lunch.  Ever been to one of the local traffic courtrooms on a normal
day?  Depending on the location, it can be filled with people from all walks of
life, with different ideas on personal hygiene.  Your case will be called.  You
know how the cable company says they will be there from 9
a.m. until  noon?  Consider the time on your ticket a start time for when your
case may be called.  Without a lawyer, you will have to typically wait for all
the attorney represented defendants to get their case called.  Then the Judge
will start from the top of the list.  

When the judge calls your name, you will be expected to approach the bench
and enter a plea.  Most judges will try and help you out, but realize they are
not your lawyer.  And, they also have a lot of other people waiting.  The
Prosecutor is in the same boat.  They are typically swamped and
surrounded.  They do not have time normally to hear your version of events.  
They have time to give you an offer for you to plead guilty and to hear
whether you want to take it or not.

With Attorney Brian T. Morgan on your side, your court appearances will
normally go a lot smoother.  Attorney Morgan is a former Assistant State’s
Attorney. He have prosecuted hundreds of cases just like yours.  Let
Attorney Brian T. Morgan deal with the Prosecutor.  You will not need to
worry about talking to the Prosecutor or whether he or she is giving you a
fair offer.  Let Attorney Brian T. Morgan answer all your questions.  There
are no stupid questions facts about the case.  In fact, your question or detail
about the case could result in the case being dismissed.

Also, in most cases, the Judge will call the attorney represented people first.  
What that normally means is the ability to get you out of the courtroom and
back into your daily life.  

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